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Tylomelania sp. Orange

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General information

Orange Tylomelania, also known as Orange Rock Snail, is a beautiful freshwater snail from Lake Poso on Sulawesi Island, Indonesia.

This snail is characterized by a great color contrast. The shell of the snail is gray-brown to dark brown in color, the base of large and small snails is light orange.

As Orange Tylomelania can grow up to 10 cm in size, the aquarium should also not be too small. A tank 60-80 cm long should be sufficient.

Animals are easily socialized with other snails, shrimp, and ornamental fish that do not chase or annoy the snails.

These Tylomelans like to nibble at root wood such as mangrove or marsh roots, ingest food tablets, and dead plant parts (live plants remain intact). Commercially available flake food for ornamental fish is also readily accepted.

Orange Tylomelania are dioecious and viviparous. The offspring can be easily reared with the help of dust food for ornamental fish.

  • Retail name: Tylomelania sp. Orange
  • Origin: Asia
  • Size: up to 12cm
  • Colour: orange
  • Growth rate: moderate
  • Temperature: 24°C - 30°C
  • Water PH: 7.5 - 8.5
  • Water hardness: soft - medium hard
  • Difficulty: easy
  • Temperament: peaceful
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