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Seachem Purigen 500ml

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General information

Purigen is the highest quality synthetic absorbent, significantly exceeding other similar products available on the market. It is not only a mixture of ion exchangers and substances with absorbing properties, but also a unique macroporous synthetic polymer that captures soluble and insoluble pollutants from water. Its efficiency and speed of operation exceeds similar products by 500%. By removing organic impurities, it allows you to effectively eliminate ammonia, nitrates and nitrites from the tank, while not depriving the water of valuable trace elements. It significantly increases the reduction and oxidation potential of water and makes it crystal clear. Purigen granules darken as they wear, but the product can be regenerated with household bleach. It is designed for marine and freshwater aquariums.

Selectivity of operation:

Purigen is an organic filter resin with the highest efficiency available on the market. No other product can purify water so effectively. Unlike other preparations containing only ion exchangers, Purigen is also designed to eliminate organic pollutants. While regular resins are already completely saturated with metals and other impurities, Purigen is just beginning to reveal its potential. It hardly absorbs simple molecules, primarily capturing macromolecular nitrogen-containing compounds, the main source of which in the aquarium are fish and invertebrate faeces and decaying plant shoots.


Purigen is easy to regenerate. During use, it changes its color from light through dark brown to almost black. In this form, it can be regenerated by rinsing in an aqueous bleach solution. The chemicals it contains "burn out" the pollutants accumulated in the Purigen granules. Products that can be regenerated in a table salt solution contain only ion exchangers. What's more, it will not rinse the organic impurities that gradually accumulate in the resin.

How to use:

Rinse before use. Pour the resin into a fine-mesh filter bag. A liter of Purigen is enough to purify approximately 4,000 liters of water for six months. The wear of the product is evidenced by a change in color to dark brown or almost black.


Some preparations containing protective colloids can permanently damage Purigen granules and significantly impede its regeneration. If the pellets begin to smell like chlorine, Purigen cannot be reused. In case of doubt, it is recommended to soak the used portion of the resin in a little water and test it with an aquarium test for chlorine.

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