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QualDrop VITAL 10g - complete food for growth and coloration

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General information

VITAL is complete feed for shrimp for everyday use. Contains a set of properly balanced essential fatty acids (EFA): docosahexaenoic acid (DHA omega-3), eicosapentaenoic acid (EPA omega-3) arachidonic acid (ARA omega-6), as well as nucleotides, vitamins, and micro- and macronutrients. It ensures optimum growth of the shrimp and promotes natural pigmentation patterns. Additionally, VITAL contains natural garlic and spinach extracts, improving the resistance of the shrimp to illnesses. As a result of a special production process and the natural binders applied, the VITAL food does not disintegrate in water (it does not foul the substrate), while maintaining a soft structure, easily accessible to the shrimp for a long time.

Directions for use:

one piece, about 1 cm per about 15-25 shrimp daily. When the amount of the shrimp is less, divide the dose proportionally so that the food will be eaten in 24 hours. For more information www.qualdrop.pl


fish meal (super prime), squid meal, krill meal, marine macroalgae, algae (spirulin), wheat gluten, zeolite, gelatinized starch, fish protein hydrolyzate, calcium carbonate, calcium monophosphate, vitamins, minerals, soya lecithin, saltwater fish oil, antioxidants, microencapsulated taurine, cholesterol, astaxanthin, garlic extract, lyophilized spinach.

Basic analysis:

crude protein 41%, crude fat 6%, crude ash 21%, crude fibre 2%.

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