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QualDrop TRACE ONE PLANT 125ml

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General information

QualDrop TRACE PLANT ONE fertilizer is a highly concentrated preparation containing microelements and trace elements necessary for the proper development of aquatic plants


TRACE PLANT ONE is intended for use in planted and general aquariums. Contains, in the form of stable chelates, such microelements and trace elements as: Mn (Manganese), Zn (Zinc), B (Boron), Mo (Molybdenum), Cu (Copper), Co (Cobalt), Li (Lit), Al (Aluminum) ), Ni (Nickel), Se (Selenium), Sn (Tin), V (Vanadium), Ti (Titanium). TRACE PLANT ONE also contains other ingredients that support the proper development of aquatic plants.


Starting dosage 1 ml TRACE PLANT ONE per 100 l of water once a week. Optimal doses of TRACE PLANT ONE should be selected individually for each aquarium taking into account the amount, species, plant growth rate, lighting, type of substrate, water hardness, CO2 concentration, pH, water hardness and concentrations of other plant nutrients such as nitrogen, phosphorus, potassium .
In the event of an overdose, immediately replace some of the aquarium water.

Features of QualDrop products:

  • Each pack contains 3 dispensers: 1 ml, 5 ml and 25 ml
  • Bottle made of material that protects against light and fertilizer distribution.
  • Dosing of up to 0.05 cm3 is possible
  • Protection against unauthorized opening by children.