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QualDrop Multi Powder 10g multifunctional preparation for shrimps.

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General information

MULTI POWDER is a multifunctional preparation intended for ornamental shrimps. This comprehensive composition contains a mixture of various enzymes and cultures of various bacteria, including probiotics. MULTI POWDER supports the proper digestive processes and protects the digestive system of shrimps. MULTI POWDER can also remove hazardous water pollutants - ammonia, nitrites and hydrogen sulphide. It accelerates the decomposition of organic matter in the tank. It helps to inhibit the reproduction of harmful bacteria, such as cyanobacteria. MULTI POWDER promotes the growth of beneficial algae. It can be used to launch new tanks.


There is a dosing spoon in each package. 1 level teaspoon of MULTI POWDER for 50 liters of water once a week and / or after changing the water. It can also be used in divided daily doses (e.g. 1/4 teaspoon per day) which is very beneficial in the presence of newborn and young shrimps. Before adding to the tank, the measured amount of the preparation must be mixed with a small amount of aquarium water. Do not overdose MULTI POWDER, it may lead to excessive water pollution in the tank. 1-2 teaspoons when starting a new shrimp tank (25-30 l). Sprinkle MULTI POWDER evenly on the substrate. Then fill the tank with water and start filtration. Keep the preparation tightly closed. It is important to dose the preparation with a dry spoon. Use within 6 months of opening the package. Do not use Multi Powder at the same time with similar preparations, for example BioNitro, PSBacter, Magic Powder, BioProbiotic, etc. The amount of the preparation can be adjusted to your needs, depending on the specifics of the tank and, above all, the amount of shrimp and the filtration system.


Keep out of the reach of children. If medical advice is needed, have product container or label at hand. Do not use for breeding plants and animals intended for consumption and food processing. The product is intended for aquariums with shrimps, fish and ornamental plants.