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Qualdrop Mironekuton 100g

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General information

The mineral is very popular among Japanese shrimp breeders (it has a great effect on their vitality and coloration) and plant tank owners, especially in combination with active substrates such as Platinum Soil, as it significantly increases and facilitates the development of microbiology - beneficial bacteria and accompanying flora (in the substrate and the filter ). It is especially recommended when starting the tank. When placed in an aquarium, this rare mineral serves as a source of minerals for all aquarium inhabitants. Slowly releases the minerals contained in it, which perfectly affect the intensity of photosynthesis and the development of the root system of plants, contributing to their intensive growth.

The original Mironekuton is found only in Japan and only in one region. It is exceptionally rich in minerals and many trace elements. It was formed millions of years ago at the time of the birth of the Japanese Archipelago, when dynamic geological forces brought the primeval seabed to the surface, revealing soft and porous ancient marine sediments. The Mironekuton beds were created by marine organisms from ancient eras as a result of the deposition of sediments layer by layer, their decomposition and transformation into new formations. In fact, the fossilized remains of ancient crustaceans can still be found in the rocks. When viewed under an electron microscope, it reveals the astonishing accumulation of fossil remains of the exceedingly diverse ancient marine organisms.

How to apply

We recommend approx. 100-150 g per 50 liters of aquarium water. Can be placed directly in the aquarium in one or more pieces or as an addition to the filter. The mineral will retain its properties for about 4-6 months. Then it must be replaced.

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