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QualDrop CubePore 12 cubes - ceramic filter material

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General information

CubePore is a special ceramic cube-shaped filter material (dimensions approx. 4x4x4 cm) with a highly developed effective specific surface area BET of approx. 2250 m2 / liter. CubePore has a structure of biologically active, open and interconnected pores. The combination of a huge surface and open pores creates ideal conditions for colonization and development of beneficial bacteria, including nitrifying and denitrifying. CubePore is especially recommended as a supplement to the so-called Hamburg filtration. It is also intended for sumps, for high flow filters and as filling for gravel filters.

Advantages of CubePore:

  1. Huge specific surface area BET 2250m2 / liter
  2. Neutral to water parameters
  3. It allows you to quickly eliminate harmful concentrations of NH4, NO2 and reduce NO3.
  4. Significantly improves water parameters.


The cartridge should be rinsed thoroughly before use. The CubePore ceramic cartridge must be placed behind the mechanical cleaning cartridges. For every 100 l of water it is advisable to use about 1 l of bed (12-15 cubes).


Never clean or replace the entire amount of CubePore in one operation. If necessary, replace 30-50% at a time. Never clean too rigorously (cultures of beneficial bacteria cannot be completely destroyed), in most cases it is enough to simply rinse with water drained from the tank every few weeks.

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