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QualDrop CARBO ONE 125ml Organic liquid carbon

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General information

Every packaging of CARBO ONE contains a 125-ml bottle with the preparation and 3 three dispensers with capacities of: 1 ml, 5 ml and 25 ml. Everything is packed into a very neat cardboard box. The dosing system used is very flexible and allows for precise dosing of the preparation both to large and small aquaria. For instance, 0.5 ml, as well as 3 ml or 25 ml may be dosed exactly. This is not possible using the commonly available soap pumps, popular with the preparations from other manufacturers. The distinguishing feature of CARBO ONE while compared to other similar preparations is, most of all, the quality of manufacture, considering the raw materials used, stability as well as usefulness.

  • EXACT DOSING BELOW 1 ML - Dosing of even 0.05 cm3 is possible.
  • SUPPORTS THE PLANT GROWTH INTENSELY - Enhances the intensity of photosynthesis
  • BOTTLE PROTECTING THE PRODUCT FROM LIGHT - The bottle material protects the product from decomposition under the influence of light
  • FACILITATES ASSIMILATION OF IRON BY PLANTS - Reduces Fe3+ to Fe2+ which is more readily available
  • SAFE FOR FISH AND SHRIMP - If dosed properly
  • SAFE SEAL - Protection from unwanted opening by children according to the PN-EN ISO 8317 standard
  • BLOCKS DEVELOPMENT OF UNDESIRABLE ALGAE - brush and filamentous algae
  • HIGH EFFICIENCY - 500 ml is suffice for even 50,000 liters of water

CARBO ONE is a complex preparation constituting a very efficient source of the so-called organic carbon necessary for proper development of aquatic plants. It is completely biodegradable. CARBO ONE supports an array of biochemical processes occurring in plant cells. It enhances plant growth intensely, while blocking the development of undesirable algae. The CARBO ONE preparation is intended for aquaria with additional dosing of gaseous CO2, as well as those without this system. The CARBO ONE preparation may be dosed into an aquarium of any size very accurately thanks to the dosing system used.


aquarium with a minute/small number of plants: 1 ml per 100 l of water daily
aquarium with a medium number of plants: 1 ml per 50 l of water daily
aquarium with a high number of plants: 1 ml per 25 l of water daily