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QualDrop BIOBACTER 30g – aquarium start

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General information

BioBacter complex mixture of a dozen or so beneficial non-pathogenic bacterial strains including nitrifying denitriyfng photosynthetic (PSB) and active enzymes.
The total amount of miaoorganisms in 1 g is as much as 8 billion. It builds a biological balance in the tank.
Decomposes organic waste, quickly reduces NH4 and No2.
Protects against tank contamination. It improves the growth and survival rate of aquatic animals.
Prevents the growth of harmful algae.
Removes accumulated deposits in the substrate.
Recommended tanks with decorative plants
It improves the quality of water in old tanks.

Usage and dosage:

In case of starting new tanks, use the preparation under the substrate. The necessary amount (1 flat large spoon for every 100l ) of BioBacter should be dispersed in a small amount of water (do not use RO water) approx. 200 g. Put enough water on the bottom of the tank so that its layer is about 0.5- 1.0 cm.
Stir erything on the bottom. Then, fill in a uniform layer of the substrate.
Afhter planting and flooding the tank, add an additional amount (1 flat spoon for every 100l) of BioBacter directly to the tank by first dispersing in a small amount of water approx, 200 ml. Repeat the dose after 3 and possibly after 7 days. Ensure proper filtration and a tanks and oygenation of water.
In the case of already functioning tanks and problems with NH4 and NO2 levels, dosing directly into the tank in a dose (1 flat spoon for every 100 ) before doing the preparaton in a small amount of water.
After application BioBacter water may be cloudy. This is a normal phenomenon. Turbidity subsides with time.
An overdose of the preparation is not harmful, but it may cause longer water turbidity.

Start of a new tank:

1 spoon for 100 I of water on the first, third and possibly on the seventh days.

Regular water changes:

1 spoon for 100l of water changed.
Keep the preparation tightly closed. Use with 6 manths of apening the package.


Keep away from children. If you need to seek medical advice, show the ontainer or label. Do not use for breeding plants and animals intended for consumptin ne food processing.
The product is intended for aquariums with shrimps, fish and ornamental plants

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