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PrimePore 500ml ceramic filter material

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General information

PrimePore is a modern ceramic filter material with a unique construction.
PrimePore has the shape of balls with the inside of the empty space. This unique construction provides a very efficient anaerobic zone.
Construction and porous structure PrimePore creates ideal conditions for the growth of beneficial bacteria. With a myriad of pores of different sizes are formed aerobic and anaerobic zone. This allows, among others, overlap nitrification and denitrification. PrimePore has a pore size of 40-50 microns that are biologically effective, ie. Have an appropriate size to allow colonization by bacteria. Growing bacteria on the surface and inside PrimePorebreak undesirable substances and purify water include ammonia (NH 4 ), nitrite (NO 2 ) and nitrate (NO 3 ).
PrimePore has the shape of a sphere with a diameter of approx. 10-12 mm.

PrimaPore advantages:

  1. Provides ideal conditions for the development of beneficial bacterial flora.
  2. It significantly improves water properties.
  3. It contributes to better plant growth and the development of living organisms.
  4. Is indifferent to water parameters.
  5. Removes turbidity.
  6. Huge filtration area 520 m2 / liter.
  7. Recommended for small and large filters.


PrimePore should be rinsed before use. The ceramic insert must be placed in the filter baskets behind the cartridges for mechanical cleaning. For every 100 l of water, it is preferable to use about 1 l of PrimePore. The PrimePore is rinseable and reusable.

WARNING! Never clean or replace the entire amount of PrimePore in one operation. Replace 30-50% once if necessary. Never clean too rigorously (cultures of beneficial bacteria cannot be completely destroyed), in most cases it is enough to simply rinse in water drained from the tank every few weeks.
Do not use for breeding plants and animals intended for consumption and food processing. The product is intended for aquariums with fish and decorative plants. Keep away from children. Batch of products may vary in color and shade.

Expiry date: unlimited.
The production date is also the production batch number.

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