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General information

Platinum soil is Japanese active super powder substrate with a granule size of 0,6-1,6 mm.
It is scientifically formulated substrate made with 100% all natural material, sintered with organic acid into a soft, porous, and granular structure with excellent filtering power. Water condition is naturally adjusted creating shining clear water and making it perfect for shrimp fresh water fish, and plants.

Platinum soil lowers pH/KH of the water and creates a weak – acidic soft water environment. Decolorizes the color from driftwood and maintains stable, healthy, and clear water for a long period of time.
Rapidly removes cloudiness and supports the development of aerobic bacteria.


Do not rinse or wash before using.
Fill the tank slowly and disperse water to avoid disturbing substrate.
The aquarium water may turn cloudy during the initial setup period.
The cloudiness may be reduced in 1-2 hours by filtrating the water.
There may by a film stretched on the water surface but there is no problem in water quality.
The film can be removed by fish nets or by circulating the water.
There may be brown stains on the glass surface of the tank.
These stains can be rubbed off by hand, and there is no effect on water quality.

Recommended use:

A typical 45cm tank (35l) 6-8l
A typical 60cm tank (57l) 8-11l
A typical 90cm tank (157l) 24-32l

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