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PlantaActiv - NITRO N+ 500ml

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General information

PlantaActiv NITRO N+ is a high-nitrogen preparation devoted for nitrogen supplementation in a plant aquarium. When used regularly, the preparation is a guarantee of fast improvement of the condition of the plants as well as their looks and growth. If used according to the instructions, it is harmless to all aquarium creatures. For better and optimal effects it is necessary to balance the NO3 nitrates, PO4 phosphates and K potassium.


One pump (1ml) increases the nitrate concentration by 1ppm in 100l of water. The range of an optimal level of NO3 is 5-15 ppm. At the same time, it is necessary to remember that when increasing the nitrate concentration, the concentration of other macronutrients must be increased as well. A proper maintenance requires a water change of at least 30% once a week. After that, it is necessary to use a fertilizer to supplement water with deficient elements.

    Capacity: 500 ml.