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Oase Organix Colour Granulate 150ml

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General information

Top-class pure fish food. It contains whole fish and shrimp as a food component, not just parts of it or fishmeal. Plant products included in the food, e.g. seaweed, come from their natural place of occurrence. Rich in vitamins and amino acids for better condition and vitality of young fish.

Ichthyological research of German OASE allowed to create the best, appropriate, balanced daily diet for a selected species of tropical fish. Therefore, when using OASE foods, you can be sure that you provide your pupils with everything that they would find to eat in a natural environment.

Organix Color is a natural color-enhancing food. The appropriate composition of the food stimulates the natural release of pigments. For a balanced, comprehensive supply of many different vitamins and trace elements - ideal for the daily feeding of most aquarium inhabitants who eat mainly meat. The form of granules slowly sinks to the bottom.

If the food is not eaten, the one left in the water does not become cloudy and does not adversely affect the water parameters.

We work with MSC. Marine Stewardship Council (MSC) is an international non-profit organization. Organizes and rewards efforts to protect the oceans and future-proof fish stocks.

Each Oase food is MSC certified. This means that food from natural deposits is collected in a sustainable manner that does not pose a threat to the natural environment.

You will not find flavor or aroma enhancers, hardeners, dyes, thickeners, etc. in the food.


  • whole salmon
  • fresh seaweed
  • whole prawns
  • wheat flour
  • wheat germ
  • all track


- vitamin A
- vitamin C
- vitamin E
- vitamin B2
- vitamin B12

Packaging: 150ml - 80g

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