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Natural Bonsai tree 40x30cm

Price: €79.00/piece


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General information

Bonsai tree is the most spectacular decoration we can put in an aquarium or terrarium. The unique shapes of each tree allow you to create an original and breathtaking arrangement in any tank, especially in Aquascaping and small desert terrariums.

Bonsai trees are a natural product refined by hand. Thanks to this treatment, we get a tree ready for use, safe for aquarium water and having unique shapes.

Bonsai trees from our offer are dedicated for use in terrariums and aquariums, therefore in even under water and in the most humid environment the root does not mold, does not dissolve and does not flow.

Unlike forest roots, they are free from all kinds of parasites, bacteria, fungi and viruses that pose a threat to animals.

The trees do not require additional processing, e.g. cooking, scalding, vinegar, etc.

    As this is a natural product, sizes and shapes can vary.

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