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Montmorylonit Super Powder - 60g

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General information

Montmorillonite is an extremely pure Japanese natural mineral from the group of smectite belonging to the class of layered silicates. It contains over 78 fully natural macro and micronutrients and elements such as calcium, iron, magnesium, potassium, manganese and silicon, as well as many other elements found in trace amounts, among others titanium, manganese, zinc, boron, selenium, molybdenum, fluorine, iodine and others.

Montmorylonit thanks to its three-layer construction and countless pores in a brilliant way improves the quality of water in the aquarium. It absorbs organic substances and has a very high cation exchange capacity.

Perfectly removes m.in. heavy metals as well as NH+4 ions. It positively affects the health and development of all living organisms and plants. It releases many micronutrients that activate enzymes, hormones and vitamins for their proper functioning.
Stimulates the growth of beneficial bacteria in the water reservoir. Significantly improves the color and vitality of fish and shrimps. Montmorylonite super powder It has the form of a very fine powder, created in the process of special grinding of the original Japanese Montmorillonite.

Medium composition Montmorylonite – basic analysis:

Al2O3- 13%,
SiO2- 60%,
CaO - 4,1%,
Fe2O3 - 4,2%,
MgO - 1,5%,
Na2O - 0,15%,
S - 1,1%,
P - 1,7%,
TiO2 - 0,6%,
MnO2 - 0,09%.

How to use

1 flat teaspoon for 50 liters of water in the aquarium, 1-2 times per week or for water changes. Before adding to the aquarium, mix the measured amount with a small amount of about 100 ml of water and pour into the container.

Expiry date: unlimited.
Store in a dry place in a tightly closed container