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Ludwigia Dark Orange S cup (5cm)

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General information

A new attractive plant called also known as Ludwigia sp. Atlantis. The name of the species refers to the coloring of underwater leaves in the aquarium. Depending on the light intensity, a beautiful color from dark orange to dark brown appears. Another distinguishing feature of this beautiful plant is the visible veins of the leaf blade, which gives it a unique look. We will get a good effect by planting Ludwigia Dark Orange in a group consisting of a few or several stems. Beautiful colors will be obtained in strong lighting and CO2 supplementation.

  • Retail name: Ludwigia Dark Orange
  • Type: stem
  • Colour: red
  • Height: up to 50 cm
  • Growth rate: moderate
  • Temperature: 18°C – 26°C
  • Water PH: 5.0 - 8.0
  • Water hardness: soft to hard
  • Light: moderate
  • Difficulty: medium
  • Position in tank: back

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