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Ketapang bark 3x15cm 1piece

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General information

Ketapang bark is a source of natural tannins. The bark we sell comes from Singapore. Individual pieces may vary in shape as seen in the attached photos. Soaked almond bark is eaten regularly by shrimps and dwarf crayfish. The bark is not only durable, but also eye-catching, beautifying the aquarium.

Product features

  • Natural decoration with practical use
  • Shelter and hiding places for fish, shrimps, snails and other invertebrates
  • Natural protection of the mucosa due to its astringent action
  • Particularly rich in natural tannins
  • A mild disinfectant against infections
  • It's a natural bark from a tropical sea almond.

The humic substances it contains have an extremely positive effect on the regulation of ions and pH. The density of potential harmful bacteria in aquarium water is relatively high. As a result, thick layers of mucus form on the gills of fish and shrimps, which negatively affect gas exchange and ion regulation and pH.
Released humic acids from the leaves of almond and sea almond bark inhibit the spread of bacteria. Tropical black water with its high content of organic acids (e.g. humic acids) is particularly germ-free. By the way, the almond does not disturb the beneficial bacterial flora in the aquarium. Virtually all useful and desirable bacteria in the aquarium live within the biological biofilm consisting of polysaccharides, which they produce in part. This "biofilm" protects the bacteria living in them against negative chemical factors.


Tannins are completely given away after about 3 weeks. After this time, replace the bark with a new one, or leave the old one as a decoration. Unlimited use when stored dry Variations in size, color and form are acceptable as it is a natural product and it does not affect quality.

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