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Jingye Tiny Filter 400 10 to 60l

Price: €10.00/piece


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General information

Jinye microscopic internal filter. It is a great alternative to competitive filters of similar size, purpose and price. It is easy to notice that Tiny Filter definitely surpasses the competition in terms of aesthetics and efficiency. In small aquariums, the internal filter is always visible. From now on, let the filter be a decoration, let it look nice, and not scare you with its ugliness!

Designed for freshwater and saltwater aquariums with a capacity of 10 to 60 liters.

The kit includes:

  • filter
  • sponge
  • aeration kit
  • suction cups
  • power cord
  • original Jingye product box

Filter parameters:

  • pump power: 4W
  • performance: 400lh
  • dimensions: 7x4x14cm

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