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Hsbao HSB - 950 1500l/h pump

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General information

Hsbao - Parts manufacturer and supplier for other large brands manufacturers in each industry. For years, parts can be found in various devices ranging from air conditioning to small terrarium waterfalls.

The universality of the Hsbao pump, its popularity and various applications.

At the beginning it is worth emphasizing that Hsbao specializes in the production of impeller pumps for water. Manufacturers use their products on almost every field. The pumps can be found in refrigerators made by well-known manufacturers, ice cubes makers, home and garden fountains, in cat water bowls, in sprinklers and much more. Hsbao water pumps are very popular and recognized by large and well-known brands.

Advantages at a glance:

  • small sizes
  • quiet operation
  • efficient and low power consumption
  • universal use
  • works in full immersion
  • this model is used by the largest producers of well-known brands from various industries

About the characteristics of the HSB pump model:

The pump has been equipped with smooth capacity control. The housing has a simple adjustment valve with "ribs" protecting the pump against large impurities.
The use of a modern water pumping system guarantees long-term operation, energy efficiency of the pump and considerable efficiency along with a very high lifting of the water column.
The pump is equipped with an axle made of stainless metal alloys.


  • hose connectors with an internal diameter of 12mm, 16mm, 19mm
  • power consumption: 25W
  • capacity: 1500l / h
  • raising the water column: 200cm
  • power cord length: 3m
  • dimensions 9 x 5.9 x 7.0 cm

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