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Evolution Aqua PURE BOMB - bacteria to start the tank

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General information

PURE BOMB is the simplest and most effective recipe for crystal clear water in a freshwater aquarium and problems with its parameters. Product dedicated to freshly set up tanks. Quickly and effectively solves the problem of excess ammonia. This sensational measure bases its effectiveness on the action of specially selected strains of bacteria and enzymes contained in the form of a ball.

PURE BOMB is a preparation intended for water clarification and improvement of the biological filtration process. Soon after the first use of this agent, the water in the aquarium becomes incredibly transparent, and the water parameters improve, creating model conditions for the development of life.

The so far unprecedented form of PURE Aquarium, which are practical balls, facilitates the dosage of the preparation and significantly increases its effectiveness. Transparent spheres gradually dissolve upon contact with water, releasing subsequent portions of filtration bacteria and enzymes supporting their development. Each individual ball contains millions of live bacteria and enzymes. When added to the aquarium, the bacteria and enzymes inside each ball begin the process of reducing ammonia and nitrite and reduce the amount of organic waste which is a common cause of water lack of clarity.

PURE Aquarium is suitable for use in any freshwater aquarium at the beginning and at every stage of its operation. In mature tanks, this preparation helps in the fight against cloudy and polluted water and supports the filtration system. However, in fresh aquariums it stabilizes its parameters and accelerates the maturation process.

The package contains 1 ball for 200l of aquarium water.

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