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Eleocharis sp. 'Mini' XXL cup (12cm)

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General information

Eleocharis sp. 'mini' is the smallest among Eleocharis spieces. At the moment this plant is still very rare. But we think that after a few years it will gain the same popularity among aquarists as its larger version. The main difference between Eleocharis parvula and Eleocharis sp. 'mini' is a shape of the leaves. Eleocharis parvula has straight leaves, growing upwards, whereas Eleocharis sp. 'min'i has curved leaves regardless of its size. Leaves of Eleocharis sp. 'mini' rarely reach a length of 5 cm.

  • Retail name: Eleocharis sp. 'Mini'
  • Type: carpeting
  • Colour: green
  • Height: up to 5 cm
  • Growth rate: moderate
  • Temperature: 18°C – 27°C
  • Water PH: 6.5 - 7.5
  • Water hardness: soft to hard
  • Light: moderate
  • Difficulty: medium
  • Position in tank: front

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