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DENNERLE Shrimp King Bio Tase active 30g - food, probiotics, vitamins

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General information

Miniature aquarium shrimps (Caridina and Neocaridina species) are specialized in eating the bio-film formed on the water surface. Their tongs are not suitable for food cuts, but they are covered with hairs that perfectly collect bacteria and microplankton. These natural foods are of great importance especially for small shrimp.

Shrimp King Bio Tase Active was specially developed to be introduced into the aquarium micro plankton and essential bacteria. Selected natural products serve as food for bacteria, protozoa and other microorganisms to accelerate their growth. The product also supports an increase in "green bloom" on stones and roots - consisting of vitamin-rich algae.

At the same time, the necessary vitamins, minerals and elements are supplied with the food trace and amino acids. The combination of prebiotics and probiotics supports effective and healthy digestion bowel function. Valuable ß-glucans from yeast ensure the strengthening of the immune system.

The bacterial strains contained in Bio TASE ACTIVE (Bacillus subtilis) help to eliminate sludge and pollution. They provide optimal conditions for effective, biological self-cleaning, and thus better water quality and healthy living conditions. The work of bacteria is supported by natural purifying water binding pollutants.

  • Combines a healthy, balanced diet with improved water quality
  • Reduces sediment, binds to pollutants and facilitates biological aquarium self-cleaning
  • Promotes the development of micro plankton, which is a valuable food, especially for young shrimps
  • Increases the survival and proper development of young shrimps
  • Does not affect total hardness or alkalinity
  • Provides sustainable growth, health, vitality and color enhancement
  • Promotes trouble-free molting
  • Suitable for all shrimp species
  • Contains bacteria (Bacillus subtilis) and minerals to help purify water
  • Contains probiotic bacteria (Pediococcus acidilactici)
  • Prebiotics (MOS) for healthy bowel function
  • ß-glucans from yeast cells to boost the immune system
  • Vitamins, trace elements and essential amino acids