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DENNERLE Shrimp King Baby 30g

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General information

SHRIMP KING BABY is a daily feeding micro granules for young shrimp and shrimp larvae for healthy growth and armor formation.

SHRIMP KING BABY is a sinking special food made from 100% natural ingredients, tailored to the needs of freshwater shrimp. It is made of over 20 carefully selected ingredients and the diversity of its composition is contained in each granule. SHRIMP KING BABY is high-quality proteins and amino acids and fatty acids from aquatic animals for healthy, sustainable growth.

A balanced diet, like a vegetarian diet, is very important and it is included in high-quality ingredients such as nettle, walnut leaves, birch leaves and ginkgo leaves, pumpkin, birch bark and Lapacho grass barley. Vegetables such as spinach, fennel and dandelion, herbs such as rosemary and chokeberry and pollen provide valuable minerals, trace elements, vitamins and phytochemicals.

Natural carotenoids provide excellent coloration of the shrimp, especially yellow, orange and red. SHRIMP KING BABY supports the moult and strengthens the body after it has passed, so that the shrimp feels very comfortable.

The young shrimp remain for several days after hatching at their place of birth, and if there is insufficient or unavailable food (hidden, invisible or in too large pieces - e.g. pads), then they may starve.

SHRIMP KING BABY is formed as a micro-granulate with a grain size of approximately 1 mm.

Micro-granules ensure stable water parameters and do not disappear in the substrate and do not get into the filter. This allows you to avoid unnecessary contamination of the substrate and the filter, which affects the safety of the entire tank.

SHRIMP KING BABY is ideal for everyday feeding and is suitable for all larval stages, especially in the first weeks of life when the shrimp is most sensitive.

SHRIMP KING BABY guarantees that the food is free from artificial colors and preservatives, without fishmeal and fillers.

Dietary recommendations

1-2 times a day so that the shrimp will eat the food within 1 hour. Feed evenly in the aquarium. Ideally, remove uneaten food after 6 hours. This will ensure your appetite for the next day.

Tip: To speed up the sinking of the micro granules into the aquarium, add the right amount of food to a glass of water, shake it several times and gently add to the water at the filter outlet.