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DENNERLE Scaper's Soil 4l 1-4 mm

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General information

Scaper's Soil is a substrate specially developed for aquariums with a large number of plants. It creates soft, slightly acidic water, perfect for tropical plants and fish. It is also perfect for planted shrimp aquariums.

Scaper's Soil is made of several carefully selected natural soil types. It provides all the necessary minerals and trace elements that aquarium plants need daily.
The substrate granulation is from 1 to 4 mm in diameter - it has a significant impact on plant growth. This combination allows the roots of the plants to “fit in”, which accelerates their growth and enhances the color of the plants.
Due to its deep black color, the substrate creates a more intense, vivid contrast to the bright green of the plants.

Scaper's Soil prevents the growth of algae !!

Scaper's Soil is created on the basis of a specially selected pattern, thanks to which the method of supplementing macro and microelements for plants is so balanced to ensure perfect growth of the flora, without giving the algae a nutrient solution.
Scaper`s Soil creates a buffer - it works like a battery: it accumulates excess macro and microelements, and releases them when the need arises.
Scaper's Soil creates an ideal environment for healthy and lush plant growth, preventing algae from developing.

Scaper's Soil has active ionizing properties. In this way, it lowers the pH and stabilizes it in the slightly acidic range (approx. PH 6.0-6.5). At the same time, it reduces the carbonate hardness - depending on the initial hardness of the water to about 0 ° d CH - and thus makes the water much softer. Scaper's Soil also serves as a natural source of valuable minerals. It imitates the conditions that prevail in the natural habitats of many tropical plants and fish. Soft, slightly acidic water is ideal for most ornamental fish from South America, such as Neon Innesa, angelfish and discus fish.

Scaper's Soil provides crystal clear water and healthy living conditions. The porous surface provides an ideal substrate for plant propagation. It acts as a bio-filter. It creates optimal conditions for effective, biological self-purification of water, and thus to improve its quality. Binds impurities in water. The granulate is distilled twice and thus the water is stable for a long time.
We also recommend Scaper's Soil for an aquarium with shrimps that require slightly acidic water, e.g. Crystal Red and Red Bee.

Scaper's Soil provides an optimal oxygen supply to the roots so that the roots do not rot. Its highly porous surface is an excellent substrate for the growth of important microorganisms that are essential for the proper development of the aquarium

Scaper`s Soil ....

  • Nutrient substrate for vigorous plant growth
  • Contains all essential minerals and trace elements
  • Contains fertile volcanic soil
  • Acts as a biological filter for healthy and clean water
  • Maintains stable water parameters at the level of pH 6-6.5, KH 0-2 ° d
  • Twice sintering - for stable behavior
  • Perfect in combination with CO2 and fertilizers
  • Contains valuable humic compounds
  • Perfect for all plants, fish and shrimps that require soft, slightly acidic water
  • Suitable for bottom filters (shrimp farming)
  • Specially selected formula is not conducive to the growth of algae