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DENNERLE Active Soil 4L

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General information

Shrimp King Active Soil was specially developed for the successful keeping and breeding of shrimps and is especially suitable for all species that like soft, slightly acidic water, especially Bee shrimps such as the popular crystal, tiger, shadow, taiwan and mixtures.
After applying the substrate, the water will be more similar to the one that those shrimps find in their natural habitats. As a natural ion exchanger, it reduces the pH and stabilizes it at a slightly acidic level (approx. PH 6.0-6.5). At the same time, it reduces carbonate hardness - to approx. 0-2 ° d CH (depending on the water source) and thus makes the water softer. It also serves as a natural source of humic and fulvic acids, without discoloring the water.

Product features

  • The irregular shape of the grains, with a diameter of 1-4 mm, allows you to maintain a natural look.
  • Dark colors provide a perfect contrast with the vibrant colors of shrimps.
  • Porous surface for the development of important cleansing bacteria. Also very well suited for using undergravel filtration systems.
  • Does not colour water.
  • It supports the development of bacteria, unicellular organisms, unicellular algae and other microorganisms - which are valuable, natural food, especially for young shrimps.
  • Excellent filtering capacity for crystal clear water
  • Binds harmful substances to maintain healthy living conditions.
  • Also ideal for all tropical fish and plant species that like soft, slightly acidic water.
  • Limits the development of algae.
  • The use of ShrimpKing Bee Salt in combination with osmotic water extends the life of Shrimp King Active Soil.
  • Shrimp King Active Soil consists of 100% natural raw materials. Produced from a variety of selected natural soils, it provides essential minerals and trace elements that support shrimp health and growth.

High quality - Made in Japan

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