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BioProbiotic 30g for shrimps

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General information

BIOProbiotics is a product containing probiotic microorganisms, which positively affect the growth of shrimps, fish and improve the ecosystem of the tank. In addition to microorganisms, it contains many active enzymes.

BioProbiotics helps to maintain the right balance of the intestinal flora of aquatic animals by stopping the growth of harmful bacteria. Increases resistance to disease, increases survival, stimulates digestion and absorption of food. BioProbiotics also improves the quality of water in the tank.


1 flat spoon for 25-50 liters of water every 2-3 days, previously mixing the preparation in a small amount of water (do not use RO water). In the case of a large amount of shrimp, the frequency of feeding can be increased. BioProbiotics can also be used as an addition to self-made foods in the amount of approx. 1-2%.
Keep tightly closed.