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AQUAMAX Banano 10pieces banana leaf

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General information

Banano aquamax - 10 banana leaf banana leaf fragments from Sri Lanka
natural water conditioner for aquaria
the secret of Asia’s fish breeders
prevents and supports the treatment of many diseases
promotes spawning and development of colour
cleaned, smoothed, and hand-selected and harvested in unspoilt natural areas
also ideal for nano-aquaria


Add 1 leaf for every 10 litres of water directly to the tank. For a more intensive application, double the amount. The leaves will sink to the bottom of the tank in 1 - 2 days and release their natural ingredients into the water. They will have released all that they can in about 2 weeks. Simply remove and add a new batch of leaves.

Ideally suited for tropical fish, shrimp/prawns, sucker catfish, betta, gourami, and many more. Differences in the shape, size, and colour are normal with natural products like this and do not affect the high product quality.