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Price: €64.99/set


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General information

This precision Co2 reducer has been specially designed for the needs of aquarium hobby. The reducer has a built-in bubble counter, precision valve, non-return valve, pressure gauge. The highest-quality workmanship will ensure accurate gas dosing and complete tightness of the installation.


  • built-in metal bubble counter. Thanks to the screw-on quick connector, you can easily refill the water in the meter.
  • built-in pressure gauge for measuring the pressure in the cylinder. We regulate the output pressure with a bubble counter
  • precision valve allows for very precise gas dosage setting
  • The built-in solenoid valve cuts off the gas supply in the event of a power failure, it protects the tank in our absence. The solenoid valve also allows you to connect a PH computer or a timer.
  • golden color in combination with black AQUA NOVA co2 cylinders creates the most aesthetic duo
  • wrench to screw in the set