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ADA Aqua Soil Amazonia Ver.2 - 3l

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General information

Top class aquarium, active soil type substrate.

The most important advantages :

  • 100% natural black active substrate
  • Lowers water hardness
  • High in humus and nutrients
  • The nutritional properties of Amazonia ver.2 are even better than in the previous versions due to the positive supplements in the form of pellets, which are sold together with the substrate

    For ADA Amazonia Ver.2, 100% natural black soil is used as raw material. It is ideal for creating an underwater landscape. The ground parameters are similar to those of the South American rainforest. The substrate is rich in humus and nutrients.
    The perfect substrate for hard tap water.

    The high pH value of the soil substrate makes it difficult for aquatic plants to absorb nutrients. Aqua Soil Substrates reduce water hardness and lower the pH to a level where most aquatic plants can absorb the nutrients they need to thrive. The enclosed Amazonia Supplement further improves the nutritional status of the soil, giving the plants excellent growth conditions.

    Aqua Soil granules maintain their shape and density under water for a long time, thus ensuring the circulation of water and oxygen through the substrate. The Aqua Soil substrate facilitates the care of plants that are difficult to grow. It is also perfect for aquarium inhabitants, great for shrimp breeders.

    Summary :

    • The substrate is obtained from natural soil in a special process
    • Rich in humus and nutrients
    • Contains less nitrogen than ADA Aqua Soil Amazonia
    • Less turbid water in the initial setup period (no additive)
    • The nutritional situation is even better with the Amazonia supplement
    • It helps to lower the water hardness level
    • Lowering the pH value to 5.5 - 6.5, optimal range for plants
    • Facilitates the absorption of nutrients by plants
    Aqua Design Amano (ADA) is a premium brand in aquascaping and Nature Aquarium. The company was founded by Takashi Amano, who applied elements of Japanese gardening art to planting and decorating aquariums. For Takashi Amano, the focus was clearly on creating particularly attractive habitats based on his natural aquariums. Products manufactured by Aqua Design Amano (ADA) are of very high quality, while creating an arrangement in the Nature style of ADA products, you cannot miss.

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