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ADA Aqua Soil Amazonia 3l

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General information

The Aqua Soil series was created from the essence of natural beauty, diverse lands and underwater landscapes of the world. Mother Nature shows many aspects, sometimes dynamic, sometimes delicate. Aqua Design Amano products are designed to support the life processes of aquatic plants in the most natural way.

ADA Aqua Soil Amazonia, created from the black soils of the tropical part of South America, enables conditions similar to those of the Amazon basin, flowing among rainforests. This type of substrate, due to the content of peat-derived substances, has the strongest effect on water parameters and has the strongest buffering properties. This substrate is most often used in natural aquariums, both due to its neutral dark color and the excellent growth and condition of plants!
Special properties of the ADA Aqua Soil Amazonia substrate, which purifies the water and provides good water parameters for the healthy growth of aquatic plants make it so popular. The particles of its suspension intercept impurities floating in the water and, without any chemical action, lower the water hardness and the pH level to values that ensure comfortable growth of most aquatic plants. Aqua Soil consists of granules with a size and density ideal for the rapid development of healthy root systems.

The high pH value (alkalinity) of other substrates makes aquatic plants difficult to absorb nutrients. The Aqua Soil series of substrates reduces the hardness and pH of the water to a level where most aquatic plants can absorb nutrients without any problems and grow in good condition. They are light substrates (with specific gravity slightly higher than the specific gravity of water), and the shape of their granules contributes to the free circulation of water rich in oxygen and nutrients in the substrate. Aqua Soil substrates have strong buffering properties, thanks to which there are no sudden jumps in various parameters in aquariums.


Do not rinse before use!
About 9 liters of substrate are needed to set up a 60 liter aquarium (60cm x 30cm x 36cm).
Distribute Aqua Soil evenly on the bottom of the aquarium or on a Power Sand substrate. Make a slope towards the aquarium front to emphasize the perspective.
Planting is easier when the water level is low enough to just cover the Aqua Soil. After planting the plants, fill the aquarium with water. Direct the stream of water gently at the plate or board. The water may become cloudy after adding water. This cloudiness disappears after a few hours with a properly functioning filter system.

Why ADA?

  • substrates used by professionals when setting up decorative aquariums: clients, exhibitions, competitions
  • the most prestigious brand in aquariums, the products of which have gained high recognition all over the world
  • a natural substrate for the maintenance of the micro-ecosystem of aquatic plants
  • no need for bottom blowdown
  • a clear black color of the ground that perfectly contrasts with green plants
  • stabilization of water parameters
  • lower the water hardness and the pH of the water
  • captures pollutants floating in water, cleans the water from micro-suspensions that deteriorate its transparency, and no other substrate has such properties.
  • consists of granules with the ideal size and density for the rapid development of healthy root systems
  • easy to keep low-growing plants
  • the granules keep their shape in the water at all times
  • light and no sharp edges, does not chill plant roots
  • perfect substrate for displaying and breeding shrimps (a completely new and extremely effective use of Aqua Soil Amazonia is its use in tanks where freshwater dwarf shrimps are bred)
  • fertilizing the water with the necessary micro and macro elements
  • ensures perfect, healthy lush growth of aquatic plants