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Rich water humus 500ml

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General information

Aquarium water conditioner simulating natural conditions

Product features

Perfect for enriching the biotope tanks "black water" extract from oak bark, alder cones, oak leaves, beech, walnut and sea almond. The product enriches aquarium water with tannins and humic compounds necessary for the proper functioning of the aquarium flora. It can be used in any aquarium where the addition of cones, leaves or roots is required. Especially recommended for use in aquariums with “black water” biotope fish, shrimps and crayfish that like sour, soft water.
Using the preparation in a tank with alkaline water may cause precipitation, which, however, is not harmful to aquarium animals. The product has a preventive effect on algae, prevents the formation of bacterial infections and helps to fight them.


Use the first press of the dispenser for every 5 liters of aquarium water for the first time. For substitutions, 1 press for every 2 liters of water being changed.