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Revitalize caps

Price: €7.99


Available: 5

General information

24 capsules revitalizing the ground, detoxifying and regulating the pH of the ground.

  • Binds heavy metals
  • Detoxifies the ground
  • Retrieves optimal pH of the ground
  • Improves the condition of the tank


REVIATILZE CAPS are made of natural components, which makes it a truly unique product. Thanks to the ability to bind heavy metals and other toxins the caps improve the safety, biological condition and stability in the tank. The combination of the minerals included in the caps regulates the pH effectively, preventing acidifying for many weeks. That process effectively upgrades the tanks’ condition and revives the proper growth of the plants. Before you try using a toxic, anti-algae preparation, think of the reason for algae overgrowth, fish illnesses, slowdown growth of plants, root decay and root systems disturbance. It is possible that all those symptoms are caused by an old or chemically intoxicated ground. Most of tank problems are derived from the ground malfunction. Healthy aquarium ground equals proper functioning of the micro-system.