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Forest in the jar 20 - 20x18cm

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General information

Nature enclosed in glass.

A forest in a jar or a garden - an idea for an interesting decoration
The forest in glass is an extremely interesting element of decor. In a sealed jar, a completely independent, self-sustained and self-sufficient ecosystem develops. We can observe the processes taking place in it every day, for example during morning coffee or evening rest. This is a very interesting nature lesson for us and our children. Certainly gardens or forests in glass will become a unique decoration of our apartment. Gardens in glass are an excellent proposition for those who have little time to care for plants, and for those who love to surround themselves with greenery. Forests and gardens in a jar positively affect our well-being.

Each arrangement is unique. It is a perfect gift for all kinds of occasions like birthday, grandmother's day, mother's day, teacher's day, Valentine's day, women's day etc.

Instead of a bouquet, you can give someone a beautiful, durable decor.

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