Progres tworzenia aquascapingu w małym akwarium za pomocą roślin akwariowych dostepnych na


We would like to offer you the largest selection of in-vitro plants on the Irish market. In our stock you can find mosses, carpeting plants as well as plants for the second and third plan in a wide range of colors (from light green to dark brown) used for aquascaping by amateur aquarists as well as professionals and people taking part in competitions. Our offer includes additives and fertilizers that support the growth, coloring and health of aquarium plants.
We would also like to interest you with a wide range of aquarium shrimps and preparations associated with them.
All kinds of accessories, professional lightning equipement, supstrates and many many more products you can find in our shop, will make results of your work in a tank longlasting and spectacular, and your hobby even more satisfying.


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