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Huge cumulative discounts


We offer the following discount system for registered users 

 The discount is calculated on the basis of the sum of the sizes of all completed and paid orders so far (applies to orders for the new version of the online store).

 An order that is currently in progress is not taken into account. This means that if, at the time of order, you obtain an amount that qualifies you for a discount, and it will not apply until your next order.

Additionally, we guarantee free shipping for purchases over 90 €


If the value of all orders exceeds:

  • 300€ you will get a 3% discount pinned to your account.
  • 500€ you will get a 5% discount pinned to your account.
  • 1000€ you will get a 7% discount pinned to your account.


All orders are added together.

After reaching a certain level, the rebate is permanently attached to the customer.

We reward our regular customers!